Wisdom Steeps in Quiet Moments

Every day, we take in vast quantities of information. Most of it we’re not even aware of.

I’m writing this on my laptop, at the kitchen table. I can hear the sound of the furnace, the refrigerator, muffled hammering next door  as my neighbors finish their new deck, and the soft bell tones of windchimes on my own porch.

But there’s so much more in this moment that I am not totally conscious of — like information coming from my body as to its present state of being, or from my intuitive senses about the world around me and the things I want to do and create in my life.  Even if we put our full awareness on these things, we’re not likely to see and feel them all, because we’re only human.

And this plays out in every moment of every day for all of us.

We may not be able to pick up everything, but we can allow it to sink in a bit more.  Most of us are so busy all the time that we don’t give ourselves the time to be fully present and to integrate more of what we know, more of who we are, right here and now, where it can give us the most good.

Quiet moments, where you just breathe deeply, relax and let yourself be here now, are the times when we integrate best. We need these moments more than we know. They allow us to fully connect, to be true to ourselves, to be inspired.   These are the pauses where you let “aha’s” connect and be born.  Where you let go of stress. Where you let yourself heal and rejuvenate.

In our get-it-done world, we think quiet times aren’t important because we’re not DOING something.

We couldn’t be more wrong.

Giving yourself time for quiet meditation and reflection is one of the best things you can do for yourself – on every level. It helps you relax, recharge, be more aware and stress-free, find your inner balance, and develop wisdom on deep levels.




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