Time Out to Nurture Your Inner Wisdom


Give yourself a few moments to breathe right now, and notice — have you become so caught up in details of the day, things that must get done, worries, fears, and problems, that you’ve temporarily forgotten the Big Picture?

It happens to all of us daily — we get so caught up in details that we forget what’s really important.  The “why” in why we’re here, and the deeper connection we have as children of God and the Universe, dancing in the flow of Life.

When you temporarily forget that bigger part of who you are and why you are here, it’s easy to get in the habit of making decisions from a smaller place.  A place where the little stuff becomes all consuming, and the big picture is forgotten. That place is the seat of stress, worry, and illness, and it’s hard to realize you’re stuck in it, until you step back to see the Big Picture of life, and what’s most important.

“Stepping back” and going within gives you perspective and restores your equilibrium. It helps you communicate calmly when other people, having forgotten what’s most important, are behaving badly. It helps you navigate a myriad of emotions like anger and fear. And it helps you create with grace and humor during intense change or difficult times.

One way to “step back” is simply giving yourself some quiet time where you can relax and just be. It helps to put all of the small things that don’t matter so much into perspective. You can see the forest for the trees, and you’ll have more room to  create new and bigger goals. You’ll be able to spread your wings and have more room for yourself in your busy life.

So give yourself a few moments right now, before you dive into the next thing on your to-do list, and give yourself a moment to simply be and feel that deeper, bigger connection.



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