“Silly” Questions…and Why You Want to Ask Them!

Remember the old saying, “Ask a silly question, get a silly answer”? Do you think it’s true?

Here’s what I think. You see, “silly” questions exist on different levels.

The first kind of silly question is really an unconscious one. It’s the question we ask when we’re lonely, afraid, stuck, and not understanding or seeing the Big Picture … or the life lesson we’re working on. When we’re running on the hamster wheel of life and don’t give ourselves time off. And this question is almost always a variation on “Why me?” or “Why is THIS happening again?”

The Universe (God) knows that we learn best by doing, so when we ask this question, our answer comes in the form of another similar experience so we can have yet another opportunity to learn and grow. So, maybe not so silly in the Big Picture, because it gives us a chance to grow, but if we don’t pay attention, we’ll keep working on the same lesson longer than we might like.

The second kind of silly question goes against Common (but often wrong) Assumptions like “that’s just the way it is.” It’s a right-brained, intuitive, creative, rabble-rouser sort of question, guaranteed to upset somebody’s apple cart, possibly even your own!

Big questions like “I wonder how we could make a car that doesn’t use gas?” Or little ones like “What would happen if we painted it blue?”

Questions like these lead us down the rabbit hole into a new and possibly more conscious reality. They’re the kinds of intuitive, creative questions that get you moving, learning, and growing in all sorts of wonderful ways.

If you frame an intuitive question correctly (and don’t get invalidated when apple carts get upset), you’ll always grow and learn from it, even if the answer you get isn’t what you expected. Especially then! Right-brained questions like these turn on your intuition, your creativity, and engage your passion and enthusiasm. And they help you to create in alignment with the Universe rather than in opposition to it.

Our “silly” questions define not only where we put our attention, but also the opportunities that come our way.

Often we get stuck in the first kind of silly question because we just don’t have much practice in shifting into a more intuitive, right-brained way of thinking. And, especially in our left-brain-centered world, we often don’t give ourselves much time or space to think in a more creative, intuitive way.

We’ll be co-creating and exploring that space, kind of like an inner spa for your intuition and creativity, in a new mastermind teleconference group coming up this fall at CreativeSpirit. More coming soon, so watch for it!

And now a question for you, dear Reader: If you were joining us in this intuition and creativity questions group, what are your biggest challenges that you’d like us to cover? Ask away in the comments below. If you’d like your comment to stay private, just let me know and I won’t let it post.

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