Seeing Your Available Resources In This Moment

When you begin to take action towards creating your dreams, the Universe moves with you.

We don’t always see that, and sometimes it’s easy to ignore resources that come our way. It’s kind of like making an emergency trip to buy toilet paper … when you already have six packages stowed away in a forgotten closet.

Resources in our lives include our own inner awareness and gifts, things that we have but may not remember, and people we know that we can ask for help.

I recorded this meditation sometime ago but I thought you might enjoy it. It’s all about having more “inner space” so you can see your available resources and use them. Give a listen, and let me know what you think:


Seeing Your Available Resources


Not seeing or using what is available to us in the now happens for a lot of reasons. We get stressed or overwhelmed. Maybe we want something so badly that we try to leapfrog over steps that will help us grow and give us the experience and awareness level we need to create our goals.

Often we insist we have to get there alone, forgetting that life is really a team sport! Or we get distracted by bright shiny (and expensive!) things we think will solve our problems. When quite possibly our “problems” really are just learning opportunities that can shift with perspective, love, a little amusement, and a few good questions. Could be that we’re just trying too hard and not letting the Universe do the heavy lifting!

Creating from Here, Not There

What you want to create can only begin now, in this moment. Not where you want to be, or where you were in the past, or where someone else is.

In this moment, you really do have everything you need to get started. When we begin trusting this divine flow of energy, then we can start asking quality questions that will help us creatively move towards our goals.  More on those intuitive questions next time!

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