Reclaim Your Energy During the Holidays

Christmas can be fun … and incredibly stressful, too. Along with all the busy-ness, it carries a lot of expectations about what we should do, be, or buy.

So, instead of being in present time and enjoying each moment in the now, our energy gets pulled in a million different directions.

The more stressed we get, the more we eat, the less we sleep, the more we buy, and we stop our healthy habits like exercise and meditation. This seems like a recipe for those other staples of the holiday season: weight gain, depression, and winter illnesses.

So what can you do to help your energy stay sustained and balanced during the holidays? Here’s a favorite tip:

1) Pause and pay attention to how you are feeling a few times each day.

Notice your feelings and expectations and how you might be comparing this moment to others in the past, for better or worse.

2) Choose to be fully here now. Give this moment permission to be wonderful in and of itself, rather than a vehicle to get you somewhere else. You can reframe your thoughts about it, or do something to balance your energy, like a few minutes of meditation or gentle movement with awareness.

This simple but powerful practice can help you make different choices that support your energy and your wellness during the holiday season.

Warm wishes and blessings to you, your family and friends this holiday season!



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