Making Time for What Matters

Remember that big project or idea you were so passionate about? And then, before you knew it, Life intervened and you were doing other Important Things, your passion sitting on the shelf somewhere gathering dust?

I have a few projects like that, especially related to my music. But even though we’re all swamped with work and the holidays are coming, my bandmates and I decided to go ahead with recording two albums we’ve been thinking about forever. There will never be a “good time” to do it. And so, if not now, then when?

In a great blog post today, Marnie Pehrson writes “In our busy lives, we lose sight of our vision. When we do come around to having time to move forward on it, we are no longer clear about where we are going. It’s then that the vacuum law kicks in. Nature hates a void. It wants to fill it, and so our tendency is to become busy with unimportant tasks or let other people fill our time.”

All too true, isn’t it? The way around this, as Pehrson says, is to give yourself time to reconnect with your goals, and to ask clarifying questions that help you define your vision and take steps to create it, so you can fill the time void with what matters most. For instance:

Is this a goal I still want with all my heart?

Have I defined a clear path towards that goal?

What is my next logical step along that path?

As you ask these questions, don’t forget to allow your intuition room to play, particularly when it comes to the “how” part. You do that just by asking the question and giving yourself some quiet space to get the answer.

Then, when you clear space in your schedule, you can focus specifically on that next step. At first, it will take some effort, but the more you make time for what matters, the more progress you will make, and the easier it will get along the way.


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  1. It’s so easy focusing on other things, outside the stuff that matters to you, isn’t it. And before you know it that need to have “me time” catches up with you and hits you all at once. I think it’s a great idea, as you say, not to lose sight of that.

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