When Creating Your Dreams Feels Like an “Impossible Task”

Awhile back, I wrote a post entitled “What Stops You from Creating Your Dreams?” In it, I mentioned one of the biggest roadblocks: waiting for things to look just right. We all have “perfect pictures” about how things should be — and that can get in the way of just diving in and enjoying doing what you love, no matter what the result turns out to be.

There can be other roadblocks, too:

1) Not enough time. But is there REALLY not enough time, or is it a matter of prioritizing the time you do have?

2) Getting scared. In Conversations with God, there’s a line that hit home for me: “When you meet your greatest love, you meet your greatest fear.” It’s true in relationships, and it’s true when you come face to face with the part of you that shines brightest. It can be terrifying. But that bright shiny part of you knows exactly what to do if you let her.

3) Assuming you can’t before you even get started. If you think it will never happen, you won’t give it space to manifest. But the good news is that it’s never really too late to start.

What you love to do will give you energy if you approach it with love, fun, and a sense of humor, rather than expectations. You never know what might result.

This weekend, our band played three St. Patty’s day gigs…lots of fun all around, but I am just now finishing my laundry!

Here’s Scarborough Faire, one of my favorites from our first celtic album, Sobhlasta.  We had a blast in the studio recording it. Sobhlasta means “good taste” in gaelic…and it’s a mix of of old celtic and fun original tunes. I hope you enjoy listening.

Scarborough Faire is all about asking your love to do what seem like impossible tasks to prove his affections…making a shirt without seams, finding an acre of land on a sandbar, and so on.  But even simply trying is enough to win her heart and hand. And often that’s the case with creating our dreams as well…just getting started will open up new doors!

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  1. Good and dear friend. You and I are much on the same wave link. You just do more about it. Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul.

  2. Thank you, Robert! And never underestimate what you give out in the world!

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