Great ways to get more energy now!

When you run out of steam, here are some simple tips that will help you boost your energy level (and your mood) before you reach for another cup of joe:

Kristin Kusek at Real Simple offers nine simple (and easy) tips to boost your energy fast. My favorite? Get up and move around. A yoga teacher once told me, “if you’re feeling great, meditate. If you’re feeling down, move around.” And she’s right.  Especially if you’re sitting at a desk most of the day, moving around every hour or so helps get your ch’i moving. Bodies were meant to move, not sit in one position for hours.

Over at ZenHabits, Greg Go offers 55 ways to get more energy. His #1 tip? Change your socks!  Maybe it works because in the act of sock changing, you’re stimulating acupressure points on your feet. Or maybe it’s just a mind thing. But you never know…so carry an extra pair with you tomorrow!

I like his #2 suggestion even better…rock out loud! There’s something about singing that just gets energy going in a big way. I do this every day — singing and my own version of Tibetan overtone chanting (great for the sinuses).  So better than just listening to your favorite song, sing along with it, no matter how you think you sound! Here’s one guaranteed to get you going… Katrina and the Waves anyone?  (I’m walkin on sunshine, whoa-oh!) You’ll be glad you did.

Dr. Woodson Merrill, at makes a case for getting more quality sleep. I don’t know about you, but without a good night’s sleep the night before, my day just doesn’t go well.  One tip Merrill suggests — get up and get some sun in the morning (or use full-spectrum lightbulbs)  to help you go to sleep earlier and stay asleep longer.

And one last energy-boosting thought … also mentioned in Kristin’s article, above: Try something new. Anytime you do something new and different, your brain fires in a different way. Sometimes we assume our minds are somehow separate from our bodies, but that’s not true. When your brain is energized, you’ll have more physical energy, too.

Now go have some fun!


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