Defining Moments … and a Must Watch Video

Right now I’m reading Living Life with No Regrets by Ed Feyereisen, a gift from our local Optimist club after I spoke at their meeting in January.

I love to open books in the middle and see where I land – this time, it was a story about a defining moment in a man’s life. Steven Beck (a friend of the author) was traveling, and suddenly realized while waiting at the airline ticket counter that he was really there to help a stranger — a very confused elderly lady who had never traveled alone before and needed someone to help her make her flight connections.

Helping Mabel get home was a defining moment in his life: “I received a very special gift when Mabel placed her trembling hands on my face, peered into my eyes and with a steady voice told me how grateful she was for what I had done and gave me her blessings. I will always remember her face and her spirit as she blessed me.”

These defining moments are really when we connect in to our deeper selves and find a larger connection with each other, with the world. Defining moments are about being fully present and sharing what we have to offer with the world.  As Beck says in the story, he came to understand that “honoring defining moments is about helping others.”

Today, a friend shared a video link to a TEDx presentation everyone in the U.S. should see.  It is about one woman’s defining moment, and what she chose to do with it on a much bigger scale.  TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a nonprofit think tank that brings ideas worth sharing to the world.  This presentation by Robyn O’Brien is one of the clearest I’ve ever heard on what has happened to our food supply in this country over the past fifteen years. If you have kids, or even if you don’t, it’s well worth watching:

Large or small, defining moments can plant the seed for who we will become and what we can share — if we allow that growth to happen.

What have been the defining moments in your life, and how have they changed you and the world around you? Please share below!




  1. Jennifer…as I look back over the last twenty years of my life (which includes 10 in the banking world and 10 in retirement) several came to mind and they all fall into the same category…empowering women and children. My primary responsibility while working had to do with preventing the foreclosure of a primary residence. At the time, I just thought of my job as simply reducing losses for my employer who was a multi-national banking institution. My workout efforts were usually driven by my desire to keep a roof over children’s heads so they would have a place to eat, sleep and do homework. That mindset was constant and it served many families well. In retirement, I am still driven by a similar desire but now it seems like grandmothers and their grandchildren are my focus. In my experience, education about finances is the key that unlocks many doors and solves many problems….not all but most so I share what I learn on facebook…I love to write and that is how I reach people these days

  2. Learning how to manage our resources and empower ourselves is something everyone, especially women, need to discover. What a terrific gift to share with the world!

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