Death of a To-Do List

Dear Reader, have you ever had a day when you never made it past #1 or #2 on your to-do list? Yes, I thought so.

That was yesterday for me. Now a weekend to-do list is kind of a sad thing to begin with, although my left brain thought it was an excellent idea. But my right hemisphere would have none of it. And try as I might, the to-do list never got off the ground.

So I decided to go with the flow, and let the right side have her way. Instead of planning things out, I allowed myself just be still for a bit in an impromptu meditation and get a feel for what I needed to do next. Turns out, it was a lovely walk out in the sun with my furkid. Of course, she was ecstatic.

What we need to do next for our wellbeing, for ourselves, is often quite different than what we’ve planned. Going with that flow helps to reduce stress, celebrate wellness, and make mental space to create some very cool things in your life.  So, while a to-do list can help keep you focused on what has to get done, it’s important to allow some creative, free-flowing time just to be, without an agenda, so you can dream, create, and just be.  And to let yourself have that free-flowing time without guilt, because it’s essential to wellness. We all know this, but sometimes, when you get caught up in the bustle of what “has to be done,” it’s easy to forget.

There’s a balance between the agenda and free space that we need … to reduce stress and to be whole and well, no matter what is going on around us. Finding a quiet space, going within, and asking what’s needed next can help restore that balance.

What creative space can you allow for yourself today?





  1. Patrice M says:

    Hate to tell you, but it may have been your furkid that planted that “isn’t it a nice day for a long walk” in your right brain. Their “cuteness” allows them to do this. Next it will be “and don’t forget to bring a tennis ball” or “isn’t it a good day to bury that silly list”. (Only kidding..). Always enjoy your Monday messages.

  2. Of course she did! Still, soaking up some vitamin D and getting moving was what we both needed.

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