Creating in the Zone

Ever notice that energy level and happiness tend to go hand in hand?

This is usually how it works for me. When my energy level is higher, I feel good and it’s harder for anyone to rock my boat. Even if someone says something negative, it’s a lot easier to laugh it off when I have more energy.

This is being in the Zone…inspiration comes, creativity flows.  It’s easier to connect with and learn from Source. And easier to receive from Source, too.

There are a lot of things that can drop your energy, but I’ve noticed most of them relate to stress. When we’re stressed, our muscles contract, we feel stuck, tired, and de-energized. We eat junk food that stresses our bodies even more, and often we revert to other habits that don’t do much to raise energy and relieve stress.

When my energy drops, I’ve noticed it’s kind of like going into a soundproof room, where I can’t hear my higher self, where I can’t easily access my creativity. And often, there can be a negative tape playing — some variation of fear, blame, guilt, worry, or sometimes anger.

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in that room, trying to create what you want, you might notice that it doesn’t work very well. Roadblocks abound. Everything takes a lot longer and seems a lot harder than it really needs to be, because you’re trying to do it in that closed-off space rather than with energy and enthusiasm and connection with Source.

So how do we step out into the sunlight, into a place where we can create easily?

1) For me, the first step is consciously noticing when my energy and enthusiasm start to drop. When my stress level starts to increase.

2) Next up is deciding that it matters. That I matter enough to choose out of love, to listen to my inner wisdom and take care of myself.

3) Then, it’s simply doing something positive to bring about balance again.  In every moment, we can choose differently.  Choices made out of love are things like getting enough sleep, listening to peaceful music, laughing, or simply focusing on what is going right in your world.

Really, this is just choosing to release stress and have more energy, even though the “problem” is still in full view. When I can do this, I’ve noticed that it gives me more internal resources to draw from and makes the problem a little easier to solve.


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