Child of the Universe

Saturday was a day of firsts for me. I signed my first autographs…at the first annual Chandler Folk Festival. One little girl bought one of our first preview albums and wanted me to sign it. She’d been at the festival most of the day and told me confidently that she is going to be a superstar when she grows up. How cool is that?!

It got me thinking, of course. This is how our dreams are born…before we hit the bumps in life and forget how strong and powerful we really are. Before we forget how much our own choices influence what happens to us … more than anything else ever could.

A lot of people think stress happens when you get overwhelmed by the speed of life. I believe it happens when we forget how strong we really are.

We have the ability, in every moment, to choose how we direct our thoughts. We can choose to let external happenings upset us and influence our actions, or we can choose our own road. Attitude and action go hand in hand. When you take full responsibility for what happens in your life, you also take back your ability to create. You take back your ability to make empowering choices.

When we think, feel, and do things that don’t support our dreams, we create more internal stress. It takes a lot more effort and energy to hold yourself back than it does to let yourself move forward. In effect, it puts a stopper on what you’re trying to create.

We hold ourselves back in many ways. One of the biggest ones is not taking care of the body. Most athletes understand this and pay attention to diet and exercise, but for the rest of us, the connection isn’t always so clear. If you eat junk food that doesn’t nourish you, how will you have the extra stamina and mental energy to write that book?

The first step is asking yourself … what are your goals and dreams? And what actions can you take right now to support them and give them wings?

“You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars; You have a right to be here.” (Max Erhmann, 1927) My young friend at the festival, like all of us, is a child of the Universe, and she still knows it.


  1. I think we can learn a lot from children – their confidence and certainty about the future can often be humbling. We need to harness some of that hope ourselves!

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