Being a Creative Spirit

There’s a reason why I chose the domain CreativeSpirit many years ago. Because “creative spirit” describes you, me – everyone on the planet. Most people think of creative souls as artists and musicians, but all of us on this Earth are creatively expressing who we are every day, whether we realize it or not.

It doesn’t matter whether you are good at painting or accounting, you are still creating your life on a huge canvas, and you have far more options available than you know.

We co-create each day, each moment in our lives with the Divine (you can also use the Universe here — whatever word you choose). Every intention and action builds towards what you choose to make real in this life. No, it won’t look exactly as you imagined it, and there will even be what you will interpret as rocks in the road, detours along the way. But if you look closely, you might find that many of those detours are meant to give us understanding, true wisdom, and the inner tools we need to move forward.

That’s where willingness to detach from the specific, a sense of humor, and your intuition come into play. Here’s the thing: I’ve noticed that those rocks tend to appear in the road when I am trying too hard.

When I am trying too hard, I get so stuck on that particular path (on the specific how to get there) that I can’t see the breadcrumbs the Universe has left AROUND the rock – a shortcut to my goal through what only looks like dense forest. Willingness and intuition help us see the breadcrumbs and follow them. And humor helps us navigate the path with grace and appreciate the joy along the way.

May today be filled with your joy and grace!


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