Are You a Spiritual Perfectionist?

Take a look on your bookshelves (or Kindle library) and find out. How many spiritual self-improvement books have you been reading lately?

I admit, I have a few. Right next to my library of wellness books. I’ve also attended quite a few programs, classes and so on. And it’s not to say that I haven’t learned a lot, because I have.

But here’s the question: when you are a spiritual seeker, can you seek within instead of without?

Because a really good spiritual book, teacher, class and so on, is really only a catalyst for you discovering and celebrating YOU.

You know this already, of course,  but it’s easy to forget sometimes, isn’t it?

There is nothing to fix, to improve, to make perfect. Just to be, and to revel in the experiences we choose or allow in our lives. Even things that we think are falling apart, that don’t look perfect on the outside, are really more perfect than they seem because they allow us to experience all aspects of a situation. They give us room to grow, to appreciate, to empathize, to understand.

But often we forget that (or don’t realize it to begin with) and we keep trying to be more perfect. And that can give a person a lot of gray hairs, not to mention a tremendous amount of stress.

I started out this post with the thought that trying to be too perfect in life tends to get in the way of actually doing something well and truly experiencing it, and it does. Because trying gets in the way of being and appreciating.

So the next time you’re reading a spiritual masterpiece, remember that the writer is no more perfect than you are.

The next time you’re meditating, know that just giving yourself quiet space to be is 90% of it.

And the next time you try to make something perfect, remember to see the beauty and contrast, of the imperfect. Because with all its imperfections, life is more perfect than we know.

And so are we.

Until next time…


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